As soon as your order has been placed and completed your new account will be activated and you can configure it to start receiving emails right away. So if your mail server is down right now and you need a quick and easy solution, you can be up and running with our MX Backup service within minutes.
You will not need to install any software or hardware. To enable the MX Backup service on your domain you only need to make a change to your domains DNS records. We give you steps on what needs to be done and it really is quick and easy.
Spam is always a problem when it comes to email and some say that MX Backup solutions are targeted more so then primary mail servers. We have many tools in place to prevent spam by doing high level anti-spam and anti-virus filtering, white/black list block or allow rules, greylisting, spf and dkim checks and much more.
When mail is queued on our servers we attempt to deliver it to your mail server between every 15 to 2 hrs. The sooner your mail server comes back online the sooner the delivery attempts will be made.
As soon as any mail is received by our servers it can be accessed and read via your browser from your account with our select plans.
All our servers have very restricted access control lists while each data center our servers are located in are some of the most high grade and secure data centers available, from suppliers such as Equinix, a leader in the field. We often Audit our systems and perform routine scans to make sure everything is safe and secure. We employ 256-bit Encryption on our web portals while also enabling TLS for use with all smtp transactions. If you are in need of your data being hosted within your country we also offer our solutions in over 11 countries.
We have no limits on how many emails we queue at once.
Our main currency we process in is USD but we often deal with clients in other currencies including AUD, CAD and more. If you wish to deal in another currency to employ our services please contact our team about your requirments.