Backup Email Setup, Quick and Easy

Back Email Setup

Ensuring your mail server has never been easier with our Email MX Backup Solutions. With no hardware to run or software to install you can have multiple layers of redundancy on your email within minutes, for a complete fail-over solution. All we require is a new entry added to your DNS, an MX record. Even if this is something your not sure of, it's okay, as we have a fantastic support team to help you get setup and it only takes a few minutes.
Once this MX Record is added to your domains DNS, we are good to go. You can set it and forget it as we now have your email fail-over in place.
If at anytime there is an issue with your primary mail servers not receiving email, we will start to receive the email for you, ready to pass it on when you mail servers come back online. Delivered to your inbox like nothing ever happened. You can also read any queued email directly from our user panel.

Access to your Email 24/7/365

Unlike other MX Backup providers, we give you access to your emails we have queued for you. So you can read all those important emails as soon as they are received without having to wait for your main mail server to come back online again. Each email received will also have any attachments ready for viewing or downloading.
Email accounts can be automatically created for accessing emails or created by your admin for quick and easy user access.

Email Access

Advanced Spam and Virus Filtering

Email Spam Filters

No one likes spam, and thats why we have in place advanced spam and virus filtering. We check each email that is received against our extensive database of known spammers and scan it for all known and new viruses. We check against RBL/DNS black lists and prevent known spamming techniques by doing header checks, smtp protocol checks, reverse DNS checks, and much more.
With the use of Greylisting ( can be disabled ), custom black and whitelists you can add to, and filtering based on domain, tld, user and country the spam you will receive is as close to zero as it will ever get. One of the great things about email backup solutions it that when we deliver the email onto your mail servers your own custom spam filtering can also help prevent spam and viruses.

Where do you want your email data stored?

Email MX Backup Locations

We have partnered with multiple leading data centers to allow your email data to be stored where you want it.

  • Available now:
  • Los Angeles, USA.
  • Sydney, Australia.
  • Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Available on request:
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong, China.
  • New York, USA.
  • Toronto, Canada.
  • Dublin, Ireland.

Complete Email Redundancy on Multiple Layers

With email being such an important part of any business and everyday use, it's not good when it stops working. There are multiple ways you can stop receiving email and that’s why we cover all the bases for complete redundancy in case of any mishap.
In the unfortunate event of your mail server going down, we will automatically start receiving your email for you. But to make sure we are always there to catch that mail we have in place multiple layers of redundancy for our own servers.

Email Redundency
  • 21+ Server Anycast DNS
  • Failover DNS
  • Load Balanced initial Connection Servers
  • Multi-Continent Receiving and Sending Servers
  • Clustored and Load Balanced Database Servers
  • Duel Connection Raid-6 Data Storage
  • Multi Layer Firewall and Access Restrictions

Secure Email Transfer

Security is always important and we make sure your receiving email can be secured, while also allowing TLS on the outgoing email connections to your mail servers. The use of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol over SMTP offers certificate-based authentication and helps provide security-enhanced data transfers by using symmetric encryption keys. This helps make sure that the data has not been modified during transmission.

Secure Email MX Backup

Feature Rich Control Panel

Backup Email Server Control Panel
Our Admin Control Panel is packed full of useful features that are easy to understand and set. Hosted on our cloud platform, it can be accessed from anywhere for quick action in any scenario. You can view the receiving statistics to help find any faults with your mail servers. You can add/edit and remove any filters to help with spam prevention or whitelisting friendly senders. When you have a new user needing to be created, you can login and have them setup in just seconds.

Statistics to know what's happening, when it's happening

Email Statistics

With our detailed statistics you can learn all there is to know to help troubleshoot and resolve any issues on your mail server. See any possible mail server downtime, determine who is sending you emails, block or whitelist senders, and more. We keep record of all senders we receive email from which includes, hostnames, IPs, dates, countries, domains, and more. We keep statistics for up-to 30 days and longer upon request. We also have our statistics developed in a very extendable way and can always customise them for any individual customer to track any wanted stats.

Global Anycast DNS Email Back Anycast DNS

Anycast DNS is a great way to increase the initial load speed of your website and services while also having a higher level of redundancy for your DNS. With our global Anycast DNS all DNS requests done on your domain is load balanced over multiple servers to generate the fastest response possible with failover built in. This will ensure your mail server can always be reached without any DNS failures. Available as an add-on on any one of our plans or free with the Business Plus plan.

Email Anycast DNS Network

Change where you want queued email to be delivered in an instant

Select Email Server Delivery

Through your mailhop control panel you can quickly select or change where you want your email to be delivered. This is a great function when you mail server is down, or you are in the middle of a hardware/location change. No need to wait for your DNS MX Record propagation, just enter the new hostname and port and we will make the delivery.