Mailhop is part of the Australian business Keyko, an Information Technology business that strives to be innovative with a smart approach to have the solutions ready for their clients needs.

With a growing need of our clients wanting to have their own dedicated mail servers installed and running on their location of business for increased reliability, security and speed we wanted to always have a failover approach for a "just in case". This is when we started to look at other providers who offered Email MX Backup solutions. However, we found that they all seemed to be limited in their features and would not suit us for our clients. So we built our own system.

Mailhop then grew to be more and more popular among our clients as a backup solution when any downtime or maintenance was performed on their primary mail servers and so we decided to open it to the public so others could benefit from our feature rich solutions. With features including: online mail viewer for any queued mail, custom delivery settings, comprehensive spam and virus filtering , location specific mail storage, Mailhop is a great solution for any individual or small to large sized business.

We also offer custom built solutions for small businesses to enterprise level businesses so if you are interested in talking to us about taking us onboard to help you with your need please feel free to contact us today.

Mailhop MX Backup for Emails