Email Backup Solutions

Email downtime can lose you productivity, sales and important notifications. That’s why you should always have a backup email solution to receive new emails anytime, from anywhere, during any downtime, maintenance or network issues.

With our industry leading Email Backup Solutions with no hardware or software to install, you can be setup and secured within minutes. With a quick and easy panel allowing you to read any caught mail right away, you will never miss those important emails again. When your mail server is back online again, email will be forwarded to your inbox like nothing ever happened.

Backup Email Access
Mailhop Backup Email Service Video

Quick and Easy Setup

Getting our email backup solution running is quick and easy with nothing to install. Just add an extra MX record to your domains DNS. You can be setup and secured in just a few minutes.

24/7/365 Always

When you mail server is having issues longer then expected, it's okay, we have your back. We will catch all your incoming mail and store it for upto 21 days, or longer when requested. When you mail server comes back on, it will be sent to your inbox.

Instant Access

As soon as we start receiving email that can't be delivered to your main mail server, you can access it. Read those important emails right away with our online user access.
We have over 100 clients who have their own internal mail servers. To make sure our clients always get their emails when one goes offline or we are doing maintance we have been using Mailhop with great success. We're very thankful for the great solution they provide to help us keep our customers happy.
MX Backup Client
Paul Baka
Mac Centre Pty Ltd , Web Services Manager